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The Heart That Loved Her

The last time I cut my hair I put my clippings under the tree where my grandmother feeds bluebirds and blackbirds and doves. This afternoon I opened the lid to a birdbox and peeked in. I saw a little nest with some little sky-blue eggs. And the nest was made of twigs and moss and some locks of brown hair.

Today I was moving my cream-white shelves against the north window of my room and my glass globe fell to the floor. No harm done. I take it as a sign of good fortune when a fragile little world can take such a fall and still be just as lovely as before.

The finals at my university begin this week. I only have to take two exams out of the five classes I took this semester but they are going to be monsters. They'll have sharp teeth and glowing red eyes and they will be ready to keep me awake at night with terror.

If all had gone according to plan, I would be on an airplane to Jordan right now and I would have four rolls of film to spend up at Petra. Due to the hatred in the world my plans were foiled last October when suicide bombers collapsed my hotel.
I think I'll take an hour of each day this week to reflect on such events and what I can do to make this world a better place for someone else.
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