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Remembering When You Were Mine

Everyone has gone home for the summer. We all flew away like little birds, taking with us our blankets and papers and where would we be without our memories?

And while we were all very busy that final week, we were winding down and trying to salvage that final spin of dial and make it last. Oh we made it last. But throughout in the madness and flashing colors my heart took a fall that only the two of us know about. I say it here because I have nowhere else to tend to such flights of fancy and to watch unfold what I thought was a failed attempt to fly. I know I'm making a mistake.

There was a grand catalyst on Halloween when I wore pink silk and he wore face paint. And now he tells me that he thinks about the two of us all the time. I tell him that I give don't give it much thought, but I do remember crying. I didn't bother telling him that he was the main focus of my first entries here or that I'll never forget his kiss. Then he held my hand.

So he's with her and I'm with the boy I met in December. London bridge is falling down. Then we reach a compromise and change our minds. And then we reach the same compromise again but tonight we lay it to rest. He likes her a lot and I am happy in my current situation.

I should write it in a book.
(But I still won't forget the first time he kissed me)
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