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Talking Trash Under My Window

I thought it might be nice to wait a good ten months or so before I updated again. I was waiting for the ice to break. For the opportune moment.

I am sorry that it happens to be a very irritable, irrational load of garbage.

Last year a friend abandoned us and someone I know was very angry. She thought it was the worst thing a person could do, just up and leave.
Gone and quiet like a cold day.

Funny thing really, that she should land in a similar position.

As if I am not stressed by twenty hour projects and late night thinking and working to pay for this semester I now I have to either pay for a single room or I'll have to find a new roommate.

And since I can hardly pay for my classes as it is, I'll have to find a new roommate. Our bed clothes won't match and I will have to face the difficult task of sleeping in the room with a complete stranger for five long months.

I am bitter. And all I want to say is "Hell no. I won't help you move a damn thing to your new dorm so you can be in the same building with him."

Instead I'm sitting here on a borrowed computer listening to guys play Guitar Hero and I feel my heart beating like a war drum in my chest. I'm enraged.

And at the same time, I'm ready to cry and just tell the world I've had enough.
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