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Some Will Seek Forgiveness

One month, two months.  Time seems so irrelevant and moves so quickly. 
One month can find me crying every single day, and the next I am the happiest I've ever been.  These ups and downs are part of life but they are also so unhealthy.  (Or are they?)

Medicines such as Prozac and its kin exist to keep us all at happy mediums.  All the extreme emotions are being stifled.  Are we numb to deep sadness? Even more terrifying, are we numb to the things that make us want to dance and scream, and dance and dance? 
So I wonder if these fluctuating emotions are unhealthy or not.   I have reasons to be sad.  I have reasons to be happy.   They coexist.  They keep life interesting.

It's easy to say this, so I want to say it now.  Right now that I'm in love.   And believe it or not, in love with the same person who was causing so much grief a month ago. 
I tell myself that the reason it hurt so much a month ago was because I saw the true potential, and the thought of never realizing what could be was crippling. 

Now I hold his hand and we walk to class.  He does his homework and I fall asleep on his sofa, and he whispers in my ear.  He is strong and understanding. 

The potential is being realized everyday.  So this is why I smile.
Deus ex machina - it does exist.
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