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Just Take a Bite. One Bite.

So hello. 
I can finally say I graduated and achieved a new outlook, new approach, new job...  I can check that off my proverbial to-do list, floating around in some unseen cosmic pool of hopes and dreams in a far far away place.

Now it's all swimming around in the same chest cavity with the same questionable heart and all of the thinly-veiled bad intentions as before.  
Where do I go from here?   I feel scattered and out of control.  

Now I guess I'm supposed to go knocking on the doors of employers, bright eyes hopeful, my stamped and signed diploma clutched (desperately) in hand.  I'll cling to my degrees and they'll see me through the occupational storm like rubber ducks from a sinking ocean liner.  Yes, growing up is  a real treat. 
Especially when you get caught in a net of lies and scandal and it takes you down, slowly and somewhat dramatically.

Because flirting is:
habitual &
- regardless of the consequences.

I'm sorry for being a dumb kid.  I'm trying to grow up, trying so hard.
  But I'm not trying hard enough.
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