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Who'll Come A-Waltzing Matilda With Me

I was going to be a hero. A pint and six vials later I felt dizzy in the student center and had to rest at one of the tables. Those chairs are so low and all I remember is noise and watching him disappear into the crowd to find me some water. Then I wanted to cry but I had forgotten how.

She was an angel in a red shirt with denim pants and just happened to be a diabetic passing by. I felt two cold, fat round tablets being pressed into my palm and a bottle of apple juice on the table. Suddenly I remembered that I don't believe in coincidences. Then he came back with water and another friend sat down with his chewy pizza to watch my chalk coloured lips turn rosy again. And everyone sat down and we laughed and smiled. I have decided that my friends are angels in t-shirts and backpacks. (and I don't enjoy donating my blood)

Tomorrow I am heading south toward the swamps to visit his family for the first time. Maybe I'll see an alligator, or brick powder, or catch malaria. They would all be quite fun!
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